Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ice Maker Death

For the past year our ice maker has only produced 5 cubes a day .. so normally we go buy the "Sonic ice" and have it for a few weeks before it is gone. this morning I awoke and to my surprise my ice maker had babies and it was overflowing with cold goodness. I think it is a fluke and I am going to turn it off and just continue to buy my ice. So Death to my dumb ice maker and woohoo to Sonic ice!!!

In other excitement I have been off of school for a month it has been a nice break I only have a few weeks left till I start my other program. I am excited but a bit overwhelmed school is alot of stress and work I think I  just want to be done ... 
My creative napping's are done and I made these super chic headbands with crazy bead work and just have to take photos of them . ( My lazy side is do nothing till you have too) 
I am up to no good today with cleaning looking for a part time job and spending time with the kiddo's before their school starts in a few weeks.