Saturday, November 19, 2011


Many creative ideas are racing throu my head as normal because of the holiday's comming around. By this time I normaly have all my stuff done.. But this year not so much.

I have exciting news but can't share it yet ....( It's hard for me to keep a secret)

Our boys just finished football and it's nice this is the first saturday in three months we have not have a two games to go to . I do miss it .. but thankful for the break.

I am so busy at time I feel my brain shuts down and I cant think striaght ..

But I want to share how thankful I am

For my savior Jesus Christ
for my family who love me no matter what
for friends who are true and are always there for me
for the job we have so we can pay for our needs
for the car we have that runs
for the food and shelter , even when shelter is an apartment
for clothes, even if they are not name brand they keep us warm
for friendly people who take the time to say hi
for the cars on the freeway who let me in
for learning to let go of hurt
for anything that make me stronger.

this is a few I am thankful for many more things
I just needed to write it out  and have it somewhere where it could stay

Have a beautiful DAY

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Thank You to my amazing "buddie" She is the best model!!! Malory ( I am sure I spelled it wrong I can edit it later). Today we had to pratice still photo's and Panning and action shots we are learning about the great effects of a shutter speed.
Malory and I alwaus come up with fun ideas when we get to work outside, lucky today I had bubbles in my car and we decided these would make amazing photos.
I love the colors and the whismy that is in this photo. 

Still the beauty of these amaze me !!
next I think we are goign to use glitter I just need to put it in my car so we can come up with 
more amazing shots. Thank you for being an amazing model!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crazy Photos

This is from my photography class that I am taking right now. I took this .. I dont take great photos but I thought this one looked great . I look the feel and textures of flowers. I shot this with a Cannon 5D I think thats what it is called

These flowers were outside of our school and I love the wilt's on this flower it has so much beauty to it.

I had to add my photo of these CHUCKS!!! so fun..
I a bit addicted to taking photos and all the awesome things you can do with it.

so in other news my life is crazy with the boys in football 4 times a week games on saturday. Juggling 5 art classes and working on a huge project that I cant say anything about yet!!!

Have a fun week I know I will this week I am shooting with a Mark 2 and praticing perfect aputures.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chic Headbands

I have been creating chic headbands for  my hair I love the look of vintage beads with mixed in 
old jewelry and chiffon. I have been slammed busy working spending two hours a night at football and creating beautiful things to post on this blog.... I have been slacking on the posting .. I will be better HA!Let me know what you thin k of my chic headband ..have a great thursday !!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ice Maker Death

For the past year our ice maker has only produced 5 cubes a day .. so normally we go buy the "Sonic ice" and have it for a few weeks before it is gone. this morning I awoke and to my surprise my ice maker had babies and it was overflowing with cold goodness. I think it is a fluke and I am going to turn it off and just continue to buy my ice. So Death to my dumb ice maker and woohoo to Sonic ice!!!

In other excitement I have been off of school for a month it has been a nice break I only have a few weeks left till I start my other program. I am excited but a bit overwhelmed school is alot of stress and work I think I  just want to be done ... 
My creative napping's are done and I made these super chic headbands with crazy bead work and just have to take photos of them . ( My lazy side is do nothing till you have too) 
I am up to no good today with cleaning looking for a part time job and spending time with the kiddo's before their school starts in a few weeks.

Monday, June 27, 2011


 Ever feel like your head is spinning... That would be me!
 I have so many projects in my head I want to work on but have
 tons of homework to do.... Balance... Maybe I need to think of how I
 can make it all work pick on project to do at a time.
 so this is my update for today I hope tomorrow
I can have something pretty to post.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Skirt Ideas

Love the Idea of Yellow and maybe no ruffle .
Love the Idea of a structured skirt with a bigger bow
 So here's the thing a great friend of mine is super cute (Nic) you know who you are ... and she wears skirts all the time . I love it !!!! So she has inspired me to make some skirts. I found some pictures online that I like .. maybe I could get some ideas on what to create.  still deciding on what fun colors to find at the fabric store.

Just a quick side note I am crazy busy with finishing up my final classes for school ... my brain is overloaded with ideas and fun stuff. I will be post a awesome tutorial soon on how to make something. I am not sure what that something will be but .. I think it shall be amazing ...
I will post pics of my progress on the skirts soon.

                                                                         Thanks Nic for being my inspiration !!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Anthropology wall

Half way up the wall
So we live in a tiny apartment in Utah and there is only so much you can do to make it feel like a home. So I took my old dictionary pages and stapled them to my wall.  then I took my other home decor and arranged it into a Anthropology  styled display. I think it turned out pretty cool.
Finished wall
I need to come up with more ways to make our apartment feel like our old house. I think it's hard to adjust to new things (even though we have lived here a year). It was a easy fix for a very ugly white wall  and the best part is I can take it down and change it up to make it different any time I feel the need to.

Friday, June 3, 2011


 So blogging yesterday did not happen .. It was on my list of things to do and it never got done. Today I am awaiting my beautiful paper that I ordered. I love paper ; The texture and the fibers in it.  there just something about pretty paper that makes me super happy... I want my chocolate Christmas truck to get here soon!!!

 Here is a note paper that I created. I love to have things to write on that have something lovely on the paper. I find I grab anything that has some kind of beauty or whimsy on it.   Inspiration comes from any thing that might spark and idea . I was staring at a grey flower on my desk and thought .....hmmm pink and black and an Eiffel Tower and some french script would be lovely.

The lovely thought is you could take card stock and print it up and have thick notes for whatever you fancy.
Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So today's Inspired art is going to be a school project I worked on. I am in love with vintage camera's and colors. I want to find a duel lens camera and but it on my desk. I just wish you could find these lovelies in all the colors . About the project I had to create a chart for information design and so I choose vintage camera's . I love color It is amazing what a spike of color can give to a page. I am working on a fun project that will have lots of free pdf's to down load. Still trying to come up with a sweet name for it . So keep up with me I will be blogging every day.