Monday, May 14, 2012


 We bought a house good bye small box of an apt.

so excited so usy so much to do!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's 3 am

 Hello ,

thought at 3 am
I am up helping a friend with homework
3 nights in a rowstaying up late with friends and family
pretty hammered ( not in a bad way)
signed papers for house !!!! so excited

Good bye nasty old leaky apartment
hello new house in a beautiful fun place!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Letting Go

 Crazy things have been happening...

fist off at school ran into someone that is a family friend that I  have know for a long time. it's so good to have a friend so close.

we put an offer on a house and now we are playing a game of lets make a deal.

school is running me ramped.. lots and lots of homework!!!

going to start running agian and blogging more.. HA !

working on a killer art piece evn if noone cares I need it.

have a new obession with bagpipes

working hard to become who I am meant to be.

So on to Letting Go!

I am surrounded by true artist at the school I go to .  today I learned that I cant be good at everything. I want to be but pratcie and pratice agian guides you.

Mind you I have never had a horrid critic and sometimes I wish someone would say hey your art is stupid . or rip it apart so bad that I have to re think where I went with a painting or a drawing.

my friend P taught me today to let go .. there are things he is better than me at and I am better than him at.. he said we all have different styles ..
I forget that sometiems and want to be like some off my friends art..

In school I have had amazing teachers that have pushed me to do thing I hate or say I cant I opened my eyes to find tears when I feel not good enough.

Today my friends at school told me I am good enough My teacher said you are good enough  and then knowing I have to let go of the self doubt and self beatings.
I have to say you are good but be humble and realize that amazing work is when you put your heart into it .  It should not matter if your are the next Degas or the next "thing" it matters what you do with it and how you do it . exploring new things and devoloping new trends. creating work that stands alone and means something to you.

thank you to all my friends who are awesome and make me laugh..
so just let go
let go of the bad thing let in the good the cheerful the brillant

feel free of chain or ropeds that tie you down .. Live

live braver than the last day and stronger

just be who you are ...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saturday Fun

What does on do when Hubby asked: can you put me in a baby duck costume and make me ride a chicken. Of course I said YES! I know how to do that.

So this is what we did on Saturday and now he want a series of him riding odd things so stay tuned.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I mustache you ???

 so if you are in love with mustaches these last minute valentines are awesome..

My boys thought they would be fun to add a loli to them and then give them to all there friends

You should be able to use them for yourself If i upladed it correctly.

have a happy valentines day!!! Enjoy

Sunday, February 12, 2012

WOW.. is all I can say

So it is my birthday on tuesday ... and this is my early present that my fanastic hubby got for  me!!! I love it so much it is an addition to my original ring, which is the one on the bottom. 

I am not big on blingy things .. but this I love

I am so glad he is mine and that he think I deserve this. He is my shinning star of a man and my roots to everything goood. He is the most hard working and loving husband and father I know. 

today I watched him with our children hugging them and pilow fighting with them and give them his time. I   know how lucky I am to have a true best friend who is so much more than just someone to talk to.

he notcied how bad my running shoes looked and bought me a cute new pair . I am offically up to 10 mile a week. 

school is insane but love it ... the boys are great ans funny!!! 

Have a great week!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Slacker Syndrome

Some day I will not be busy with live and be able to blog everything I want to .

so my exciting new from my last blog post is that I was a featured artist on
for a competition. I was so honnored and excited that my work had been picked as a favorite.

today I am balancing homework lots of it ... so many creative ideas and so little time and I am working out and not staying awake late anymore.

I have a paper due tomorrow and a wayfinding assignment.  I have some mixed media art to finished for class which I am excited about . LIFE IS BUSY

Plus my sweet boys keep me on my toes and they are busy
Hubby is busy with his job and side work

We are excited to move this summer into a house.. no more apartment.

 Lets see .... I have some fun art I want to share I just need to take photos
 and then I can put it up on my blog that gets negletcted. ( yup I know that is wrongly spelt)

anyway that the quick update need to get back to my homework