Saturday, November 19, 2011


Many creative ideas are racing throu my head as normal because of the holiday's comming around. By this time I normaly have all my stuff done.. But this year not so much.

I have exciting news but can't share it yet ....( It's hard for me to keep a secret)

Our boys just finished football and it's nice this is the first saturday in three months we have not have a two games to go to . I do miss it .. but thankful for the break.

I am so busy at time I feel my brain shuts down and I cant think striaght ..

But I want to share how thankful I am

For my savior Jesus Christ
for my family who love me no matter what
for friends who are true and are always there for me
for the job we have so we can pay for our needs
for the car we have that runs
for the food and shelter , even when shelter is an apartment
for clothes, even if they are not name brand they keep us warm
for friendly people who take the time to say hi
for the cars on the freeway who let me in
for learning to let go of hurt
for anything that make me stronger.

this is a few I am thankful for many more things
I just needed to write it out  and have it somewhere where it could stay

Have a beautiful DAY