Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Thank You to my amazing "buddie" She is the best model!!! Malory ( I am sure I spelled it wrong I can edit it later). Today we had to pratice still photo's and Panning and action shots we are learning about the great effects of a shutter speed.
Malory and I alwaus come up with fun ideas when we get to work outside, lucky today I had bubbles in my car and we decided these would make amazing photos.
I love the colors and the whismy that is in this photo. 

Still the beauty of these amaze me !!
next I think we are goign to use glitter I just need to put it in my car so we can come up with 
more amazing shots. Thank you for being an amazing model!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crazy Photos

This is from my photography class that I am taking right now. I took this .. I dont take great photos but I thought this one looked great . I look the feel and textures of flowers. I shot this with a Cannon 5D I think thats what it is called

These flowers were outside of our school and I love the wilt's on this flower it has so much beauty to it.

I had to add my photo of these CHUCKS!!! so fun..
I a bit addicted to taking photos and all the awesome things you can do with it.

so in other news my life is crazy with the boys in football 4 times a week games on saturday. Juggling 5 art classes and working on a huge project that I cant say anything about yet!!!

Have a fun week I know I will this week I am shooting with a Mark 2 and praticing perfect aputures.